4 Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Social media is a big part of marketing, and Facebook is a big part of social media. Not only is it one of the top platforms, but it was also built to help create networks. It therefore offers considerable opportunities to improve one’s product, service, or image. You’ll need more than a fan page and a few friends, however.

1.Increased traffic
Increased website traffic is another benefit. Facebook pages can be linked to your website, which drives traffic exactly where you want it. This can be a slow process though. Don’t expect quick results. Posts can and do go viral, but often after a period of drifting just beneath the surface of public consciousness. Asking the right question or offering an insightful context on a Facebook Group could be just the thing to get you noticed.

2.Instant feedback
Customer interaction is always beneficial. You find out what they like and what they don’t. You get ideas, opinions, and constructive criticism, all of which you can use to improve your offerings. You can also answer questions, give explanations, and solve problems, all of which demonstrate the human side of your business. It’s true that with social media people are ten times more likely to complain about bad customer experiences than to compliment on a job well done, but it’s worth cutting through the negativity. And valid complaints should always be heard.

3.Low-cost PR
Startups that don’t have the budget for a website can sign up on Facebook for free and join the millions of people who regularly use the social media site. It doesn’t get more low-cost than that. Sharing photos and videos becomes very simple—anyone who “likes” your page will see the updates. Sometimes even their friends will. Services like eBay, Amazon, and Yelp have made reviews an integral part of their business model, but user recommendations have a much more personal feel on Facebook. Properly handled, this can help even with massive PR problems like product recalls.

4.Wide exposure
Nothing compares to a referral from a trusted friend. What social media does is make those referrals easier to make. Every time someone likes, reposts, or recommends something of yours, that contributes to the public’s awareness of your business. Building a brand requires that you get your product out in front of people. Historically, this was very difficult. But with Facebook, exposure is nearly effortless. The same things that make it easy to connect with friends and family are also handy for promoting a product or service. Of course, the idea isn’t to hijack social media and turn it into just another megaphone. Social media audiences don’t just talk back, they talk to each other. All the time. So never stop acting like a human being, and remember that praise is something earned by consistently doing the right thing.

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