4 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to build a brand and attract new customers, you need an online presence. Your website is often a person’s first contact with your business—creating a good impression through good design is essential. Unfortunately, many small companies stay away from the Internet because it looks complicated. Others make simple, common mistakes that can discourage potential customers. To stay competitive, you need to put some thought into creating and updating your website. It should look good, work well, and be useful.

1.  Not being mobile-friendly
If a large percentage of your visitors use mobile phones, you ought to consider either a separate mobile version of your website or a single website with a responsive layout. Depending on what sort of business you have, a site that adjusts to fit the user’s screen could be absolutely essential. What good is a web page that isn’t readable?

2.  Poor navigation
A website, being a virtual document, is expected to be far more flexible than anything in print. Every page must be accessible from any other page, with a navigation scheme that stays the same no matter where the user goes. Your goal should be to make it as easy as possible for people to find what they’re looking for. Whatever you do, don’t frustrate them.

3.  Lack of a call-to-action button
Driving traffic to your website is good, but it’s wasted effort if visitors don’t do more than just browse. You should always have a goal—and you should always be clear about what that goal is. Every business website should have a call-to-action button. It should tell people what you want them to do next, such as register on the website or add something to their cart.

4.  Spelling and grammar errors
Content is everything. It’s why people visit websites and it’s why your content must be valuable and engaging. Unlike personal blogs and social media pages, business websites must be held to a high standard. Every mistake will erode your credibility. Having a lot of basic mistakes is just plain unprofessional and will undermine your original message. In cases like these, a good editor can make all the difference.

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