Crafting the Art of Blogging

Blogging is recognised as famous due to many reasons. Aside from expression, it is also a proven source of earnings.



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Blogging begins with a message or an idea that the individual wants to express. From this simple idea, it can lead to many options and more complicated ideas and possibilities. If you are considering blogging for whatever reason you may have, here are some useful tips that may work for you:

Use open-ended questions – Motivate your visitors to respond and start discussions by using appealing open-ended questions. When they respond or post their comments, chances are they will stick to you and follow through.

Build email listings – This is ideal for those who are into online marketing. With interesting blogs, your readers may want to receive more updates and information. This can be possible by putting an email sign-up box in your site for them to register. This is more effective rather than posting direct ads to your blog. Blogging can turn into revenues.

Select blog titles that attract visitors to read through – When you want to add some keywords, be sure that they are simple, concise, and catchy. When you have mastered the art of putting interesting and meaningful keywords in your blog, it will surely become viral!

Post short articles or blogs – Generally, readers are put off with long articles or blogs. Unless you have mastered the art of writing meaningful and interesting articles that make readers want more, always keep your blogs short. Post blogs with less than 300.

Establish your online presence by writing articles and blogs to other websites. When writing articles and blogs to other websites like, you can add links to your website and in time, more readers will come to your site.

Update your blog – See if there are broken links and other technical issues on your blog to make sure your site is working well. Try some new look for your blog to make it attractive and draw the attention of potential readers in search engines.

Try the benefits of using bullets – Bulleting may be traditional but it emphasizes important points in your blog. Pure narrative style in blogging may turn off readers because, generally, they are hard to digest and absorb.

Include meaningful keywords in your content – Emphasise your keywords by making them italic or bold style. This will help in increasing your search engine rankings. Also, try to have a simple index to your web page. Without index, potential readers may have a hard time searching across your website. Be sure to have important keywords placed in your blog title. Potential readers will easily locate your blog when significant keywords are in the titles.

Join and participate in blogging networks – As an active member of blogging network, you will be able to promote your blog. These networks will also help you connect to other successful bloggers for information and tips.

And when you have mastered the art of blogging, you can level up your blogs and may be use your blogs to earn. Successful bloggers are usually measured by the search engine rankings they achieve, more traffic to their websites, and mostly, converting visits into revenues.

And if you have been writing blogs for quite some time and you feel you are ready to bring your blogs into another level, you need to learn more about SEO functions. You may also feel the need to consult with SEO experts. CreativSEO is a Sydney-based company that provides quality SEO services to Australian bloggers and website owners and helps bring in traffic to their websites and convert this traffic into revenues. You can send them email or contact them through 1 300 055 867 for free consultation.

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