Ways to Improve Conversion Rates

Conversion rates do matter in businesses. It is the ratio or number of visitors or potential customers who come to your site and actually buy. If you want to know if your site is effective, then you must know your conversion rates.

Most of the websites focus their efforts on improving and raising the number of visitors. An effective website or e-store is one that attracts people to their site and actually buys their products. Here are some useful tips and ways from Creativ SEO Sydney to increase your conversion rates.

What is your Unique Selling Point or USP that sets you from competitors?

You have not built your business without goals and without knowing your direction. If you are a group of friends operating a business, then that is your potential USP. Your USP can be great discounts, good customer service, special products and services that cannot be found in any online store, fast and free delivery of products, and many more. Inform your visitors what special offers and benefits they can get from buying your products or purchasing products in packages. Take note that your company’s USP sets you from other competitors. Better be good at selling your USP to improve your site’s conversion rates.

How can you make your customers’ life special?

Here is a simple and easy turn offs: if your website is too complicated and hard to access, lesser visitors will come and buy from you. An attractive and well-designed website draws people to buy and will return to buy more. The following are factors that you need to check if you want to improve  conversion rates of your online shop.


  • Your website should be accessible. If your website is not accessible, it will have some impact on your business and sales revenues. This is because when your potential customers cannot access your site, they will go to other sites. Websites that are not accessible prevent the search engines indexing it and they will experience potential lost sales.
  • Your website’s usability should be high. There are potential customers who want to get more information about your products before buying. Always think ahead of what your potential customers want to see in your website, their needs, and how they will use your website. With poor usability, you may lose between 1% to 100% potential sales. T.his means that there will be lower chances of increasing your conversion rates


How does your customer buy your product? Your site is equipped with a shopping cart by a simple pressing of a button or link. What if your potential customer cannot find the button or the link? What about those customers who are not comfortable with scrolling? When they find your website too difficult to use, they will go to other sites and you lose potential good customers.


Be simple with your system and language. “Add” tab may turn them off but “Buy” button is fine. “Add xxx To your Shopping cart” in bold bright colored button is great! Instructions should be simple and bold.


What are your chances? You may increase your sales up to 30%!


How can you make people remember you?


conversion ratesAn effective and good website does not have pictures only but relevant information and data that people want to know about your products. Information may be in form of articles, reviews, and forums that can help customers decide to buy. Generally, potential customers start by research from sites and compare the sites and the information that go with it. If you are bold enough to contact the visitors at the initial steps and provide a good impression, there is a high chances that they will return to your site and buy. Good impression from customers can improve conversion rates.

What are the factors that can make your customers satisfied?

Generally, people are impatient and when they buy something through the internet, they want to know when the goods will be arriving at their doorstep. Give them an extra mile like sending them an email about when their goods will be delivered. You can inform them when the products are on their way. This will make your customers satisfied with your customer’s services. They may talk to their friends about your products and your great customer service. Make them feel they are worth your time, even after a sale is completed.conversion rates

Honesty and openness will also keep your customers satisfied. One of the things that annoys customers is when they have finished reading information about your products and thought it was what they want, and then when they start the buying the process, they have to find out its out stock! Or, having some hidden charges on your shipping charges do irritate them. Be open and be honest with them – professionally. You can establish a database of customers with their IP to know where they are residing and show them the delivery prices.

Also, remember that not all customers have a credit card and even if they have, there are people who do not use them always. How can you serve these potential customers and making them feel valued? Offer various options for payments.

Keep your customers satisfied and surely it can improve conversion rates.

How important are the Clear Return Policy to customers?

There are times when an item needs to be returned and this is always a major challenge to business owners and a big issue to customers. Try to understand that your customers buy something that they cannot try before purchasing them. Impress your customers with a good and clear returns policy. You can set up ways of contacting you or your trained customer service staff to listen to their “complaints.” Offering free return shipping can spark good vibes and give them reasonable time to return the goods. Always base your returns policy on the day of the delivery.

Keeping your customers satisfied with your before and after sales will make them loyal and will help bring more customers to your e-store or website. A well-designed website will give you more chances to keep your potential customers stay longer on your site and buy. A professional help can help you build a website that really works. You may spend a few dollars as your investment but the return of investment is great. Success in online business is measured by the number of visitors who buys from your site (with less returns!)

Digital SEO Sydney has a team of professional and experts in designing an effective website with unique content to draw people and remember your site. They can assist in creating a marketing strategy to increase conversion rates. Press here or call them through 1 300 055 867 and let us start discussing how we make create a site as your venue to connect with people and make them feel they need your products.



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