Ways to Convince Customers to Write Reviews

How can you ask your customers to write product reviews, positive reviews, on your website – convincingly?

If you are an entrepreneur and you have this online shop, getting customer to write product reviews are significant experiences. When they leave relevant comments and reviews, they become your tools to determine the real effect of your products and services to them. A study showed that reviews can increase conversion rates and build stronger trust on a brand or organization.

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So, we all know how important having customers reviews are to the businesses. The challenge, however, is always on how to ask these customers to write reviews. Well, we have these several creative tips on how to request customers to leave some reviews. These tips may work, or they may not. The goal is to convince them to give reviews.

  • If your business is a brick-and-mortar type, you can request your customers to give you product reviews right after they bought an item. Provide them with written instructions about how and where they can submit their reviews. If you are into online business, then, ask for a feedback through an email.
  • When you receive some positive compliments from customers via email or telephone, you can request them to write the same feedback or comments on your website.
  • You can send emails to your good customers and ask them to leave some comments or reviews on your website. Those who are satisfied with your product and services will higher chances of giving their positive product reviews.
  • Newsletters are effective way of building trust and relationship with your customers. Sending them newsletter regularly with a link to websites where they can leave their reviews or comments, are good way of getting product reviews from them.
  • Request reviews from your customers as a personal favour, rather than offering them incentive like discounts or freebies.
  • I am sure that most of your customers are connected to any or most of social media such as Facebook  and Twitter. Be sure that you are connected with them through these social media channels. Ask your followers to leave feedback or reviews in the social media channel.

Above all things, be sure that you have given your customers excellent services they expect and make sure they are satisfied with your products. This may encourage getting positive feedback and product reviews.

Significance of Customer Reviews

So you have collected several product reviews from your customers. How can you utilise these feedbacks and reviews to your business’ advantage? You can use them to get more reviews. You can ask them to give reviews on your other websites. Provide them with appropriate links to give them easy access to these websites. You can give them a link to your social media site such as Facebook.

Having a well-built web design that attracts browsers to view and read your content, make them take the action you want, and leave positive customer reviews are attainable with help from professional and reliable SEO organisation. No matter how knowledgeable you are in running your business, but there are technical side that you cannot do by yourself. SEO helps boost your business in finding the right marketing tools and methods and many more.

But what about negative feedbacks and reviews? A smart entrepreneur knows how to handle them well. You can respond to these negative feedbacks positively and professionally.

How do you encourage your customer to give your products and service positive reviews? How do you handle negative feedbacks? Share with us your thoughts and experiences.

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