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Keyword Research on SEM and SEO: Defining the Difference

Keyword research, search engine marketing, and search engine optimisation: let us find the difference.

Keyword research refers to search engine tool that helps its users to examine the uses of keywords online. It is a tool that determines the kind of keywords used by online browsers. When trending keywords are found, the keyword research staff can place them strategically into the content of the site to draw traffic.

Search engine optimisation or SEO is part of search engine marketing or SEM. This means that SEM is the parent while SEO is one of the “offsprings.”

SEM is consists of SEO and other aspects such as:

  • Paid results by paying search engine or a directory to include your business or website in their listings instead of banking solely on natural search engines to rank your website.
  • Pay-Per-Click advertisements like Adwords from Google refer to display ads in search engine results. They are based on relevant keywords and you pay whenever your ads is clicked.

SEM also provides fast and consistent results and you have to pay for this activity. There are website owners who are using paid ads and at the same time utilizing the natural listings. More often, paid listings are used to supplement natural results. Records show that users click on the paid links before they do with the natural engines. The reason for this is that paid ads are placed higher in the page that attracts the readers first.

SEM is based on the 5 relevant factors such as keyword research and selection, ad copy and distribution, quotation or bid price, and effective landing pages. But all pay-per-click programs have their policies and one cannot buy keywords and post any ads. One should get approval from the search engines staff for the ads and landing pages. Landing page refers to the page where viewers “land” after they have clicked your ads.

To be effective on SEM, you need to have a reliable and experienced web developers or web development agency who is competent in keyword research. They should recommend keyword purchase, write or review the ads, and develop and check  landing pages. They should also be experienced in assessing the results, and constantly monitoring website’s performance.

On the other hand, SEO is a continuing process that assists the website owner gain higher rankings in the organic or natural search engine results like Google. It uses keyword research that aims at finding relevant keywords and phrases to reach target audience for the things that they are looking for.

SEO involves designing, writing, coding in XHTML, and programming the whole website. It aims at gaining higher rankings or at the top of the search engine results with the use of relevant keywords through keyword research Generally, SEO uses XHTML-coded page and other pages like Word files and PDF.

SEO does not only optimising search engines but also for users who are using search engines to find what they want online.

SEO gives value on the keyword research. To achieve search engine visibility, one should use words and even phrases that potential audience is encoding into these search engines. These keywords should be thoroughly chosen and placed strategically in your website and contents. They should be placed consistently on your webpages.

SEO includes features that allow search engines can easily access to your website’s content rich in relevant keywords. To do this, you should create and design a search engine friendly site.

SEO is an art and science. It is an art because you need to be creative in developing and designing its features to perform well. It is also science because it involves process to achieve your goals. And nobody does it well with reliable and experienced web development agency.

Search engine marketing and search engine optimisation both aim at developing websites that helps its owners to achieve their online marketing goals, gain productive traffic and rankings. Keyword research is their tool to know the words and phrases that are popularly used by online users.

Such tasks are challenging and you need web experts to assist you in achieving these features.

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