Keyword Research: Getting Ahead of the Competition

 keyword research

Keyword research in its core value refers to market research. It gives you an idea of what people want and what they need. Finding the right keywords, then, is essential to be able to communicate with them and address their needs.

As you build your website, develop your content, and create titles of your articles, it should start with rich keyword research, also called search engine keyword research. Keyword research has two major elements: finding the right keywords or key phrases that browsers encode into the search engines when they want to look for something or search something; determining these keywords or phrases considering these factors: rankings of other websites in relation to these keywords or phrases and the browsers using these keywords and phrases.

Studies show that every short keyword, like 1 or 2 keywords will have more traffic but has low quality. These short keywords comprise about 30% of the total searches. For every long keywords or phrases like using 3 or more keywords will get less traffic but of higher quality searches which are about 70% of the total searches.

Quality traffic refers to website visits that have higher chances of converting into sales, leads, or membership sign-up. Short keywords generate poor quality traffic because, generally, browsers are not sufficient, like “mobile.” Long keywords or phrases produce higher quality traffic because browsers knows what they really want and are prepare to purchase. When a browser uses, “Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition price Sydney,” it shows you that he is specific and intends to buy that item. It is recommended, then, that you should concentrate on the long keywords or phrases for higher ranking instead of single and general short keyword.

Keyword research provides you with information on the market trends. The following has keywords that will tell you that the browser is likely to purchase something: price, cheap, best, top, buy, compare, delivery. Keywords such as free, contact, magazine, youtube, tips, jobs, news, will tend to result in meaningless traffic. Therefore, keywords “buy Galaxy Note10.1 sydney” generate quality traffic compared to “Galaxy Note 10.1 news.”

Niches are unique in relation to how they behave. Even if we have good knowledge about the quality keyword research, there is still uncertainty. This is the importance of monitoring and testing should be done regularly. Website owners should regularly monitor activities in their site logs. This will provide you information and data what areas you are ranking for and the keywords that convert to actual sales.

How to Perform Keyword Research

Determine what interests your existing customers – By simply knowing the keywords that leads to the visits of browsers will give you ideas and understanding what your existing and potential customers are looking for. If the items or services complement your business, then, enhance the content about these items or services on your site.

However, if your website is not producing quality traffic from the queries, check on some problems that you need to address to improve your search visibility. Consider also the products that generating more traffic and sales. Check if they reach the top searches and list down those that have lesser traffic. You can use Adwords Keyword Tool from Google. It helps you assess the relevance of the keyword basing on the search volume it produces.

Discover your competitor’s weakness – Comprehensive keyword research can show you your competitor’s weaknesses. You can improve on what they are missing and search for the open market where you can lead. Have a list of significant and profitable products or services where it can provide you with information which produces outcomes with lesser competition. Concentrate your general advertisement and product development activities on those with lesser competition. Competing with flooded market is unhealthy and stiff. You can also use Keyword Tool from Google to show you the level of competition of products or services.

Always be the first – It is better if you are ahead of your competitors by determining those upward significant keyword movements. Google Trends provides you with comparative records regarding the keywords that are important to your business. Check if the keywords you are using are going up or the going the opposite direction. This will help you identify new trends that you need to concentrate.

Evaluate your return of investment – Keyword research tools can assist you in assessing the cost of average visit against its return of investment. Traffic Estimator from Google can measure the traffic and the costs for every “click.” This will give you data on the quantity of search inventory you can bid and the cost to obtain a visit. Take note, that a visit does not mean an automatic actual lead or sale.

Insufficient knowledge and skill in determining the right tools for keyword research is unhealthy. Instead of achieving your business goals, you may end up on the losing ground because the competitors are on the lead. SEO experts have the experienced in keyword research.

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