Link Building: A Tough Job for SEO in 2014


Link building is a meticulous and tedious process. Given this New Year 2014, let our SEO practices be done correctly, including link building. In due time, we shall reap our efforts of doing things the right way.

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Among the many issues regarding link building last year is that link building is “already dead.” This issue becomes a threat when updated Penguin was launched on Google. The threat was “real” when it promised to punish websites that are using manipulative link schemes.

Does the fear from punitive Penguin reasonable?

Others suggested that the safest way to avoid being penalized by the new Penguin is to discontinue using link building. That is not only being unreasonable but also a wrong response.

A good response to Penguin is to improve your website’s visibility in the search engine result pages or SERPs. The best way to do this is link building. Link building is still an essential part of algorithm, based on the result of MOZ survey on engine ranking factors. It is the key to build solid online presence in the natural search engine results. And if you are aiming at enhancing your visibility online, then you need to invest accordingly. The future may hold that social media may have some influence on improving rankings at the search engine result pages. However, this is not yet significant.

Link Building and Link Schemes: the Difference

There is no doubt: link building is vital component of SEO this 2014. This is a tough job for search engine optimizers but if the process is done properly, then, link building will and can draw a lot of visitors to your website. You need to know and understand that link building will not disappear unless updated penguin will penalise websites for using tricky link schemes. With this concept, those who decided to discontinue using link building can be a wrong step. Take note that link building has always been an integral part of SEO process. Link building is essential to algorithm.

Therefore, you need to know that link building is crucial to visibility in the search engines. Website owners need to invest in good SEO to improve their site’s visibility and rankings. With the new Hummingbird, link building becomes relevant and essential.

You should avoid using link scheming because it cannot help in SEO and your website may be penalised by Google. Avoid doing these activities:

  • Buying and selling links for PageRank
  • Linking to a website so that they will, in return, link back to your site
  • Utilising automatic programs to generate backlinks
  • Writing press releases with search optimised anchor text
  • Writing articles and guest posting in volume with keyword-rich anchor text

The following are good practices to build quality links:

  • Get editorial links that are approved by human beings
  • Generating significant links that get the attention and interest of users
  • Develop quality and reliable websites that are the best sources of quality links instead of guest posting method. Go for few but high quality links rather than thousands of links that come from low quality websites.

Link building will require effort, time, and even money in 2014. This is good news for those who have been trying to build links through posting quality and meaningful content on their websites. This year, it will be based on the principle that the more meaningful content that you make and post, the more quality links you will get – and this is what they call safe link building.

It’s time to really work – work hard to reap good harvest. You can ask help from reputable web development agency with professional SEO. CreativSEO Sydney is a dynamic team of professional SEO who has helped many business owners, organisations, and even universities by providing quality SEO for better rankings and increase sales revenues. For free consultation, send them email or contact them through 1 300 055 867 and “see how we can help you” reach your online goals.

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