Meta Tags: What is it all About?

Meta tags are one of the essential aspects of SEO functions. One needs to know what it can do to the rankings of your websites to appreciate them.

A meta tag refers to the tag in the Hypertext Markup Language or HTML that defines some features of the contents of a specific web page. The content or information that you place in a particular meta tag is utilised by the search engines to index a web page. This will help a user to find the data or information he/she needs in web page that contains it. The meta tag is located near the top of HTML in a page as one of the portions of the heading.

meta tags

Meta tags have come in many types and one of the most important one is the keyword meta tags as well as the description meta tag. The keywords meta tags are the words or phrases that define the information or contents of the web page. On the other hand, description meta tag is a concise single or two sentences descriptions of the web page. These keywords and descriptions are utilised by the search engines in adding a web page to the index. The web page developer should ensure to have meta tags with proper keywords and description. Meta tags that are well-written will help the web page in gaining high rankings in the search engine results.

What are Meta Titles?

Meta titles refer to the webpage titles that introduce to search engines. They may not be transparent on the page but they are on the edge of your browser where the maximize, minimize, and close buttons are placed. They are next to the IE title or the icon of the Firefox. A good meta title should have the target keywords for the web page and should be unique from the other pages of your website. Therefore, it is recommended that you should restrict your meta titles up to 60 characters or less, including the spaces. If meta titles are more than 60 characters, search engine results may cut them.

What are meta keywords?

Meta keywords refer to keywords that are placed into the header information of the webpage. Search engine robots see them but not to the viewers of the page. They were traditionally used as a way to categorise the pages. The use of meta keywords are often abused by the website owners when they try to load their webpage with insignificant keywords. These days, Google do not use meta keyword to obtain the rankings.

What are meta descriptions?

Meta descriptions are the snippets of texts that usually show in search engine results. When meta descriptions have keywords from meta titles which mirror the webpage content, search engines can use them to define the main content of your webpage. An effective meta description can attract viewers to click on your listing and visit your site.

You should make your meta descriptions less than 160 characters, including spaces, to avoid being cut down by the search engines. Take note that search engines prefer unique content and if you do not have meta tags, your content and site will have no value at all.

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