Mother’s Day 2014: Tasks for Online Marketers

Two more weeks and Australia, with the rest of the world, will celebrate Mother’s Day on May 11, 2014. Are your ecommerce shops ready for search queries and marketing campaigns?

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Online trends and queries show that there are internet retailers who have updated their online stores with shopping guides and tips. Social trends are on the rise and searches increase dramatically as the Mother’s Day is coming. If you have not started updating your online shops for Mother’s Day, you still have few more days left to promote your products and services. Below are just some things to do just before Mother’s Day:

  • Give your visitors Mother’s Day attractive offers. Although discounts or freebies are good, but you have to encourage visitors to purchase from your online shop. It should be something that is attractive to them that may come with limited offers. This will make them feel the rush and take fast decision so that they will not “miss” the special offer. This will be very attractive for those who have been saving for this occasion.

Or, you can have a “contest” or prizes that lead to Mother’s Day celebration, just a week before the special day. This will give you the opportunity to gather contact information for more and future marketing campaigns. You can also keep this new information in your database to retain customers and keep them satisfied and interested on your online shop.

With social media sites, you have to update them with interesting ideas about Mother’s Day and provide link to your ecommerce store. Send notices or messages to all your present customers. Reach out to many groups or individuals, offering them good deals. When you have “contest” or prizes to give, make sure you announce them on your sites and on your social media networks.

  • Develop a unique and appealing stuff for Mother’s Day. It may be just few more days left but it can be done. Make a fast research on what is the trending stuff for Mother’s Day. Consider age bracket and gender of your target audience and make a shortlist. Take note that you are planning with two more weeks to promote and sell your Mother’s Day items and services. Upload attractive and colorful images to your online shops and social media sites to draw the attention of people and potential customers.
  • Use offline marketing tools such as leaflets, flyers, billboards, and posters to remind people that there are just few more days left. This will again make them feel the rush and make a fast decision. Whatever offline materials you use, be sure that you place the name of your online shop and ways they can contact you – strategically.
  • Use social media to promote your online shops and Mother’s Day offers. With these sites, you will be able to reach out to huge volume of potential customers. Again, you can share stories and jokes, and announce contests and other interesting ideas for Mother’s Day. Upload images with mothers with their children and family.

If your website is also into some fundraising campaigns, you can announce your events and inform them that the money that will be raised will go to their projects. Or, you can support local mommies in your local area if they have some campaigns.

Yes, there are just few days left and the rush is increasing. There are still many things that you and your staff can do to promote and sell your products and services. Challenge your staff for creative concepts and make them things happen. After the Mother’s Day, you can boost their ego by giving them some “rewards” for jobs well done.

Marketing Strategies for Mother’s Day

If you are using SEO or Search Engine Optimisation to optimise your online shop, SEO professionals will take the challenge of optimising your homepage or may be add a special webpage for Mother’s Day. They will be adding keywords and optimising Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.

Pay-Per-Click should initiate interesting ads right away and develop keywords that are attractive to people. With limited time, you can consider PPC platforms like Google AdWords.

If you have social media accounts, start promoting products and services for Mother’s Day. With your existing friends and followers, they are more than willing to see what you can offer them. However, if you do not have any social media accounts, consider joining LinkedIn and Facebook. Or, you can ask your friends to share and/or tweet your posts for Mother’s Day on their status to help you promote your business. However, do not overdo it. When you re-tweet and repost your promotion too often, it may irritate your target market audience and you may lose them instead of retaining them.

We also suggest reviewing your sales cycle. If you have come to the point when your customers have only 2 to 3 days left to place their orders for deliveries, send them notice such as “Send your love to your Mom through flowers! There are only 3 days left to place orders!”

Do you have more creative ideas than this one? Share it with us and be heard. We also encourage you to ask questions.

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