Brace Up for New Online Marketing Trends in 2014


Online marketing trends during the previous have been eventful one. Will the same online marketing methods dominate in 2014? Or, will there be changes?

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Over the previous years, the internet went through many changes in terms of information sharing and other activities that have direct effect on marketing campaigns. There were changes in inbound approaches and outbound techniques become obsolete. Particularly in Australia, businesses learned the relevance of having unique and meaningful content instead of copying or duplicating some ads within the external content.

For 2014, what are in store for online marketing techniques?

Content marketing will be more intense.

Companies and businesses have learned that in order to get the loyalty of customers, they need to make meaningful content in various channels – consistently. Content that provides relevant product information or entertainment to target audience. This will build good relationship with customers who are consistently following your threads. Social media, online newsletters, videos, articles and blogs on your website, and case studies are content marketing that are effective in attracting more visitors and increasing rate conversions.

In 2014, the focus will be on inbound marketing through meaningful and relevant content developed for particular audience. Traditional marketing campaigns may be less effective. More and more people will be focused on online search rather than watching repetitive TV commercials. Online marketing content provides them with relevant product information – in real time.

Social Media marketing will be more diversified.

If in the previous years, social media were restricted to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, these days we have more social media networks. We have now the Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. They all offer businesses new features and choices that help them generate meaningful content and reach wider range of target audience. Businesses and companies more than two of these popular social media in the hope of reaching to more people and potential customers. Who knows, another social media channel may emerge this year?

No matter what are your social media options for your online marketing campaigns, make sure that you have chosen the right social media that fits your brand, increase online visibility, and improve your revenues.

Images and videos will dominate.

Those viral social media are effective means of reaching to more people around the world. Why is this so? They have a single common feature: they focus on images and videos. Look at trending blogs. They have attractive images to separate the contents and give stress at particular points of the content. Popular and high ranking websites have infographics that mix images and lesser text to describe the topic. They also offer statistical data that are extracted from certain research and studies.

Well, I do not say that text-based content will be outdated but integrating images and videos into them will be more advantageous to marketing efforts.

Using simple and readable marketing messages will be more beneficial.

Surveys show that there is a shift on the preference of customers on simple marketing messages compared to lengthy and deeper messages. Notice leading brands such as Apple and Google. They use simple but very clear messages. Pinterest main feature is that it has very clean and simple framework.

While some viewers are tired of loaded information and ads that shout “see me”, more creative advertisers are into another direction. They are using simple and clear-cut messages that are easily retained in the minds of viewers.


This year may promise more changes and innovations for online marketing campaigns. Brace up yourselves and be always updated or be left behind!


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