Reaching Out to Customers with the Right Marketing Strategies

Are you effective in reaching out to your customers? If not, are you using the right marketing strategies to connect to them?

With hundreds and thousands of businesses in Australia, the competition is challenging. As an entrepreneur, you are faced with how to reach out to your customers and attract potential customers. You tried every “strategy” and somehow, there is something that is lacking. Maybe not. May be, there is just something that you missed. Let us find out.

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There is one recent survey that asked over 9,000 Australians regarding their attitude to ads. The survey included the subject on how these respondents would like organisations to connect or communicate with them. The following findings may help you in implementing the right marketing strategies:

One, the survey showed that Australians are confident and receptive towards ads. Most of these respondents who have positive attitude on advertising are those belonging to younger women with families, those who are living in urban places, and those who belong to higher income, accordingly.

Two, conventional methods are still considered as effective marketing approaches. Top ten are television, radio, internet display ads, social media, direct mail, outdoor ads, catalogues and flyers, email marketing, telemarketing, and press advertising. Here are the leading five effective advertising methods:

  • Flyers and catalogues
  • Television ads
  • Radio ads
  • Press ads
  • Direct mail

Take note that online marketing method, which is email marketing, is ranked number 6. The findings were consistent in all age ranges. Television ads, as we all know, is expensive. But the other four marketing approaches are considered affordable choices for your marketing strategies.

Three, Australian tend to look for multiple marketing channels when they are deciding to buy something. They generally visit or use

  • Television
  •  Radio
  •  social media and other  websites
  •  outdoor ads
  •  direct mailing
  •  flyers and catalogues
  •  Email
  • press ads
  •  telemarketing, and internet display ads.

From these marketing methods, websites, television ads, direct mail, email marketing, and flyers/catalogues are considered most used by Australians.

Results show that well-designed websites are effective as marketing strategy. They should be created where people can find relevant information and easy online retail options that are appropriate for your business.

Using direct mail and email marketing as other marketing strategies can also help a lot in reaching out to customers and potential market. Personalising your messages can do magic to online shoppers. You need to have a customer database and remember to contact your current active customers and offer them good deals and promotions. Provide them with fresh news and useful and relevant tips about your brand, products, or services. With “inactive” customers, connect with them and offer them information and some deals and promotions.

Well, you see, flyers and catalogues are also up in the list. Surveys show that they are most popular with fashion and supermarket industries. If you are not yet using them as marketing channel, may be it is time for you to develop attractive flyers. Why not give out flyers and catalogues with your next specials and promotions? Or giving out catalogues with the new looks for the season and how these can look great with them?

Planning for all of these tasks alone will be difficult for you, especially when you have little knowledge of online marketing strategies and web development. Outsourcing or hiring a reliable and experienced SEO agency will help you go through comprehensive planning and work out on effective marketing strategies to succeed in your business goals.

Share with us your thoughts and experiences regarding marketing strategies. You may also ask questions regarding marketing strategies.


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