Improve ROI through Local SEO and Social Media Campaign

Aiming to improve your return of investment? Try Local SEO and social media strategy!

Local SEO and social media strategies have been compared as to which of the two are most effective in promoting products and services. Online community opinions change whenever there is new technology being introduced, thus, leaving the issue unanswered.

Let us find out the different aspects and benefits both strategies can provide business to enhance its marketing campaigns. We may not even answer issues of which one is better than the other, but we may find common grounds that will benefit businesses.

Local SEO and How It Works to Promote Products

local seoLocal SEO refers to a system or method of promoting businesses, products, and services whose consumers are within the local area. It can be business including retail stores, accounting, plumbing, or electrical services. The basic search engine optimisation or SEO methods complement local SEO with the use of its local tools which are effective and cheaper to reinforce. The difference between SEO and Local SEO lies on the building solid marketing campaign that brings in better ROI. Major points are better ways of promoting products through online product or services reviews and improving business’ credibility, both online and offline modes.

Local SEO helps you achieve your business objectives by:

  • Increasing the number of visitors, good leads, and webpage views
  • Reaching top rankings on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Improving branding awareness and presence on local market audience
  • Retaining loyal customers by providing quality content and product information

Social Media Marketing and How it Works to Promote Products

social mediaSocial media is effective online marketing tool. Aside from being cheaper way of promoting products and services, you can enhance and expand into multiple online platforms with different niche. This will provide better exposure as it will immediately connect you various online communities. With your followers “likes”, it increases brand awareness and improves credibility that will generate better sales and drawing more new customers.


Combining Local SEO and Social Media: Alternative Way of Generating Good Leads

Local SEO and social media are great methods of brand awareness and improve online credibility to achieve business goals. Both are beneficial and vital to business. It is not a matter choosing between the two approaches. We can combine both approaches to solidify brand awareness, improve good leads, and enhance search engine rankings. We can combine them by developing marketing scheme that targets specific niche or a cluster of customers by giving visitors fresh updates and choosing relevant keywords found in your ecommerce page titles.

By sharing interesting content with the right titles and headers, it will help you in reaching top rankings in search engines. Choose SEO meta tags, page titles, and keywords that are matched and relevant to page titles to increase rate of visits.

Finally, knowing how to develop ways to balance Local SEO and social media is vital factor to achieve your online business goals. Again, it is not issue which of the two approaches is better. It is how you use them to achieve your goals. Once you find the right way of balancing local SEO and social media, everything then follows.

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Did you have any experience in utilising Local SEO and social media? Share your thoughts with us so we may learn through your experience.

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