SEO Content Writing and Copywriting: Is there a Difference?

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SEO content writing and copywriting go through the same process; they both help business in achieving better sales revenues; is there a difference?

How does a copywriting works?

Copy refers to a written text which is developed and created to sell something. When readers land into copy, they know that the material intends to sell them some products or services.  Every copy has the following elements:

  • the first paragraph presents the products or services being sold or promoted;
  • the entire of the copy discusses the benefits and advantages of the products and services; and
  • it ends with providing its readers a definite call-to-action such as “contact us now” or  “click for a quote”.

Traditionally, copy primarily is created for advertisements, flyers and brochures, and other PR materials. As online media grows, copywriting highlights its elements on promoting websites and brand.

What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing refers to a method of developing an optimised content that informs, educates, and engages specific audiences. Its effectiveness depends on the material’s ability to reach its target audience, rather than promoting or selling something. Famous websites like and do not have content that sell something but content that informs and educates.

However, when the content is posted on an official website of a company which intends to sell products or services, these materials should first of all inform and engage. The marketer hopes that when a reader encounters the content, he/she will be motivated to buy the products. When content is used to sell something, you should earn the trust of your readers before you can promote and sell something to them.

 What do they have in common?

SEO content writing and copywriting work on the same focus, although they vary on how they present their concept. They tend to overlap in their objectives, particularly in this digital marketing era. There are content that has an aspect of copy such as encouraging visitors to a specific call-to-action activity. These days, the difference between copywriting and SEO content writing comes in very thin line. But is clear is that they both help businesses in promoting and selling their products and services.

Hence, difference is not anymore an issue. The most important task for both is to provide their readers interesting and readable blogs and copy and SEO-friendly that search engines can understand. As a marketer or business owner, make sure that you know and understand what works well on your platform. The content can be a combination of both SEO content and copy. As long as it inspires visitors and search engines understand it, then, it means it is effective.

To sum up,

SEO content writing and copywriting are useful forms of written materials to reach out to particular market audiences. Business owners or advertisers may use either of them or combine them. Whichever you choose, they both aims at helping business by informing, educating, and inspiring their visitors and target audience to make specific call-to-action.

Outsourcing this task is a good option. If you decide on doing this, choose reputable and experienced SEO companies who can develop and create content that will be useful for your business and help you achieve your goals.

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