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Social media networks, as everyone knows, can help bring in good traffic to websites. The competition nowadays is stiff and entrepreneurs need to know solutions to get ahead. Social media networks are sure hits.

Two years in a row, Australia is lauded as the best country to visit, live and do business. The cities that are recognised are Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. The ratings were based on stability, lower crime rates, quality health care program, environment and culture, better education and infrastructure programs of the country.

As businesses growth takes 100% increase every year, the challenges also increase. To match this growth in businesses, web industry also takes full-blown growth. So do SEO companies and experts that create quality websites and web solutions to entrepreneurs. Joining the web industry are the bloggers who aim at providing websites with unique and interesting content and blogs.

In a fast-paced lifestyle, audiences now are clever. They want new and appealing content and information in return for the attention website owners want. And since the end goal is to get loyal customers and retain them, we want to make sure that they will be back. Entrepreneurs want to see the return of investment on generating traffic by seeing actual increase in sales, lesser bounce rates, and greater percentage of returning visitors.

Social media networks are recognised as one of the effective tools in generating website traffic. But there are challenges that need to be met with hundreds and thousands of competitors in the industry. It is then crucial that you will not fall into the booby trap of believing that your website’s presence in the social media networks is all that matter.

The challenge now is: how can you optimise the use of social media networks to obtain web traffic and good customer leads?

Start by posting interesting and trendy comments that can draw the attention of potential visitors.

There are some websites, I observed, do not have any “leave comment” feature. Start and engage in conversation with visitors. Take note that you can regulate the comments before they can be posted. Criticisms can start engagement from other visitors and before you know it, they follow through the thread and your webpage is packed with visitors.

WordPress contains plugins where you can send notifications to your registered members when they post comments. This may encourage your visitors to return to your website and know more about your site and what you can offer them.


Increase your online presence other than social media networks.

Other than major social media networks like YouTube, Google,  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, there are hundreds of social media networks online that you can check and discover. Widen your online presence so that you can obtain more audience and good customer leads.


Be active and participate in conversing with your visitors.

 Send your message that you are interested in them so that they will also be interested in you. By accepting their comments, you are actually getting some information and insights into your customers and visitors’ needs and concerns. This is an initial step in building and nurturing lasting partnerships and relationships in business. And this is your primary business goal: to retain good customers who promote your products or services.


Build quality relationships with customers and other people that help promote your website.

This will ensure good conversion rates. Connect with influential people in the industry and try to build solid relationships with them. Helping each other in the industry like sharing contents with their web communities will help you achieve your business goals. And so with their marketing goals. This is healthy competition through strong partnerships with influential connections.


Utilise effective social media networks and tools for your marketing campaigns.

Social media networks are created to connect people. You can benefit from this goal by expanding your audience through them. You can share your content with links to your web pages, thus, generating traffic and leads to your website. With RSS in your website, you will be able to encourage your visitors to register and subscribe so that your will be getting more traffic. Your active members may share your content and links to others. This will help you increase your online presence and obtain more traffic to your website.


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