Understanding the Actions of Customers

How does understanding the actions of your customers online help increase your sales conversion?


Initial  action of potential Customers: Potential customers start going to search engine to find solutions to their needs. As they type some keywords, almost 90% of them choose the first search result page. When your website is located on the first page of search engine results, then you have higher chances to be chosen by these searchers. Otherwise, you will be practically unseen online. Keywords are the key factor in this stage.

For the searchers, which website to go is their challenge.  This is why you need to develop an appealing and engaging website. This will attract visitors to select your site over the other websites on the search engine results. Every potential visitor may turn out to be a good sale.

Searchers choose your website. So,  they come to your landing page. They need to make another decision: whether to continue or leave for another site. Interesting and meaningful content will attract these visitors to continue reading. User-friendly and interesting content are significant factors for these visitors to stay on your website. Through your content and what’s inside your pages will determine whether they can trust your company to address their needs.

Your web pages should have content that will convince them that you and your brand can be trusted. Have pages for customers’ testimonies, association memberships, awards and recognition from the industry, and other content that can build up their trust and your credibility.

Pleasant initial experience with your website will make visitor to click to make an action or make his/her initial contact. When this happens, it indicates that you may be reaping the “fruits of your labor” in getting your site in the first page and your content is meaningful for them. However, lead is not the end process until they are converted into actual sales. Leads become sales when these leads have deposited their payments or cheque.

Customers’ Decision to Make a Purchase

  • Customers’ initial contact with you is crucial part in sales conversion. The factors you should be very good at are: how quick you respond to their queries, how you respond to them or the way you say your words, and who you are. These factors will decide whether your visitor stays on and make a call-to-action activity, or find another website.
  • Visitor’s decision to stay on and do business with you. He/She makes a purchase and payment. The lead now becomes actual sales.  Congratulations! However, the challenge is how to inspire this customer to come back. It’s all up to you. Tips: Best practices to entice your customer to come back are efficiency (timeliness), accuracy (attention to details), and competence (professionalism).
  • Request these new customers to write some product reviews or testimonies about your brand, or request them to tell their families and friends about you brand. Continue to contact your new and existing customers, may be, every two or three weeks. You can give updates or information about the products they bought from you. This will build lasting relationship with them.
  • Building meaningful relationships with your customers is one of inspiring them to tell others about your products and services.

Well-defined and interactive website, meaningful content, and good services make up a pleasant experience for the customers. Outsourcing or employing services of reliable and experienced SEO firm will assist you in developing websites and content, and choosing the right marketing strategy to turn your leads into sales!

Do you share the same thoughts about understanding customers’ behaviour and actions? We will be very happy to read your thoughts.


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