Web Directories: A Marketing Strategy to Increase Traffic

There is another alternative to social media and forums to increase traffic; try web directories!


web directory australiaWeb Directories or Business Directories are web listings of business information in different categories. Categories are done by activity, size, or by location. Listings are collected manually or by an automated online search system. Details include names and addresses, location and telephone numbers, service area, the kinds of services and products the organisations offer, number of employees, and professional associations, if there are. There are some directories with sections for reviews, feedback, and comments of users.

Advantages of Web Directories to Business

  • It builds stronger online visibility – Directories are considered as traditional forms of marketing strategy. However, it is still an effective method of building online presence in the industry. There are thousands of users who still check on web directories to find what they need. Web directories are great ways of spreading information about your products and services.

  • It is cost effective – There are many web directories that offer free listings. There are also some directories with minimal fees.

  • It is easy to change your business information – With web directories, you will be able to change any information any time, such as new location or address, new products and services. Or, you can introduce another website.

Things to Consider Before Joining Web Directories

  • web directly australiaFind the right web directories for your business – Reliable and quality web directories are key points in finding the right web directories for your business. There are paid directories and those that offer free charges. It’s your choice. Either way can work well.

There are organisations who are willing to go with paid directories as long as they can optimise their online presence and increase their site’s traffic. If you choose paid listings, look for agencies that offer indexing and quality listings.


  • Find Web Directories with quality current links – Check on the web directories’ quality of their links. Go through the lists and identify the authenticity of the present links. When links do not appear, they may be spam or these web directories may endanger your search rankings.

Check also if business listings under important categories are updated. If you see that everything in the links and listings are well-categorised, it may be an indication that the directory is properly linked to genuine websites.

  • Choose web directories that are recognised by Google – This will make you feel comfortable that there are higher chances of increasing your search rankings. There are some cheap web directories that accept your business listings, but may demand for some fees to remove your list from their listings when you find out that your search rankings dramatically drop.

  • Review the Web Directories’ Listing Editorial guidelines – Make sure that their editorial standards are of quality. It is recommended to submit your website to web directories that adhere to standards of minimum eligibility. Take note that authentic directories will always check if a new website or listing meet their basic standards before approval of memberships.

These authentic directories will put your site in its appropriate category basing on the relevance of your content. This will be a great help in obtaining back links to your site. Thus, always follow with their link method terms. Stay away from directories that accept any system that support irregular back links.

How to Submit to Web Directory Successfully

Search online web directories locally.  After checking the factors that we mentioned earlier in this article, make a shortlist of your web directory lists. Go to their official websites and follow their guidelines and requirements for submission of your website. They have submission section if you are unsure of how to go through the process of submitting your site.  Check on paid web directories and those that offer free listings.

How to Check if your Website is Ready for Submission

  1. Review your website – Check carefully the details of your website and see if it is well-formatted to make sure it is working well. Check also if there are some links that are not working. Go through every page in multiple resolutions and browsers. Try to place some updates particularly on the landing page.

  2. Submit your website in its appropriate category – By submitting your website in its proper category, you will be able to optimise your site in relevant search results. Editors of the web directories will be able to review and assess your content.

  3. Submit an authentic title and names and description of your website – Be brief in your description, but it should provide readers a complete concept of your business and services. Avoid using excessive keywords. Put an accurate name and titles.

There are web directories, even if they are paid ones, do not assure you that your website will be approved. Submitted websites will go through the process of editorial reviews. When it does not pass the review and the standards, some paid directories will refund your fees. Again, look for reliable web directories and follow the guideline we have given you in this article. This will make sure that your website will be approved and make it to the list.

We just hope that we have given you sufficient concept of how web directories can help build your products and services and increase traffic to your site. These reliable web directories can be a great alternative to increase your traffic.

If you have some thoughts to share or some questions, you may share it below. We will appreciate some feedback and will be happy to answer your questions.

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