SEO Package Inclusions

Our SEO plans are fully tailored to suit your company’s needs. We like to provide quality work in an effective way by focusing on your business’s specific requirements in line with your goals, and not adding things in you don’t need.

By working to understand what you want to achieve with your online marketing, and consequently what to incorporate into your customised SEO strategy, we are able to optimise your website to increase lead generation, and enhance your search engine rankings using organic SEO techniques we have tested and refined through years of experience.

We are there with you every step of the way to explain all the different elements that fit into your SEO strategy, and how they are working to optimise your website for search engine ranking.

Keywords and Phrases Research and Analysis

Through a combination of competitor analysis, keyword research and statistical analysis using Google Analytics, we compile accurate reports to identify the best keywords and phrases for effectively reaching your target market. We then further drill it down for some keywords to focus on higher conversion, and others are volume-oriented for better results.

Preliminary Status Reporting

Providing a benchmark or starting point for growth is necessary to track the improvements and traffic trends after the implementation of SEO techniques. The report will cover the current SEO ranking of your website and the target keywords that will help improve its position.

Structural SEO Techniques

This is all about getting to know the structure of your website, its information architecture and how all your pages fit together. Knowing the best site infrastructure to utilise during optimisation will give your website a head start when implementing SEO. Structural components such as a sitemap for easy search engine visibility and indexing are also added at this stage.

On-site SEO Techniques

Each page on your site requires optimisation in order to increase keyword emphasis and density. On-site modifications are drafted for page copy, as well as elements such as alt tags, meta data and other emphasis tags behind the scenes to maximise search engine visibility. Landing pages are also recommended for better ranking by having essential keywords on one page.

Off-site SEO Techniques

Off-site elements include links from affiliate sites and forums across the internet. Improving the quality and quantity of links to your site can help search engine bots find your site, and increase your ranking and traffic. Credibility of links is also taken into consideration.

Post-package Report

After 30 days of service, we prepare a follow-up report based on the Preliminary Status Report mentioned above, where we examine every part of your SEO strategy and discuss in detail how it has contributed to your ranking and how it can be improved further.

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