Our Process

Our process starts with a simple act of discovery. Our years in the SEO industry have proven to us that there is no standard, cookie-cutter method which works for every site. It is through constantly improving our skills and keeping up to date with trends that we achieve better search engine results. Our process is about getting to know your business and taking risks if we know we can reap the rewards. We find out your goals and business value. By having a deep understanding of what you do and what you want to achieve, we are able to see what risks and opportunities will benefit your company in the long term.

This process of discovery is encompassed in six steps that focus on getting to know your business inside and out. It covers the nature and scope of your business, competitors in the industry, popular content on your website and your position in the market. We will also start by updating your website to eradicate anything which is hurting your SEO, such as dead links, to further optimise its potential.

  • Situation analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Phrase research
  • Identify linkable assets
  • On-site link analysis
  • Relationship assessment

Our process then proceeds to strategy. At CreativSEO we always do things according to a strategic approach to minimise surprises along the way. We provide you with a clear strategy plan to keep you in the loop, and when it will be executed. Expect to be updated on activities, priorities and goals as we help your company increase your SEO ranking. Our strategy includes the following:

  • Information  Architecture (IA)
  • Content strategy
  • Internationalisation
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Canonical Setup
  • Internal and External Linking
  • URL to Phrase matching

The process ends with execution. CreativSEO will ensure that everything will meet and exceed your expectations. Our package includes:

  • Reporting & Tracking
  • Risk Assessment & Monitoring
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Link Building Campaign

Each and every service is delivered to cater to your SEO needs. We seamlessly integrate discovery, strategy and execution to create a unique SEO campaign for your unique business.

At CreativSEO, we work from our years of experience in search engine optimisation in order to deliver the best of our services in a way customised to your business. Get in touch today for an obligation-free chat.


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