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Why Quality Content is Crucial to SEO

In the old days it was enough to stuff your copy with keywords and submit your site to link directories to try and improve your search ranking. Search engines these days are a lot smarter, and quality content is one of the most important ways to not only maximise your SEO, but to also instil trust in your brand and convert more leads.

You are Writing for People

One thing that most SEO writers forget is that they are writing content to be read by humans, potentially alienating visitors by writing in an overly “optimised” way in an attempt to attract Google bots to the site.

It is actually readers who play a role in your site’s ranking – the more content is linked and shared, the higher your chances for search engine visibility, and it is only through relevant and engaging content that your visitors will be enticed to share. Well-written copy will put your site miles ahead of overly optimised content.

Stop Cramming

Keyword stuffing, or cramming keywords into your copy in order to attract search engine crawlers, can harm your site’s ranking by alienating readers. SEO is not just about fitting as many keywords as you can on a page – it also depends on the traffic directed to your site and the time a visitor spends on a page.

Focusing on relevant, natural copy will do a lot more for your ranking than sacrificing readability for short-term gains.

Share What You Know

By writing about your niche, you are able to provide an in-depth perspective. An article with quality content is more likely to get the attention of readers. By bringing something new to the table, you immediately entice readers to read on and even delve further into your site.

Bringing your unique voice to a topic, looking at it in an innovative way and presenting a new perspective helps you assert your authority in that particular field. Readers will get a sense of your authority on the subject and see you as an expert in your area, instilling trust in your brand and services.

Writing content for SEO is not about keeping the search engine happy, it is about human readers. Providing visitors with well-written content will gain respect and credibility, and the more insight you share on a particular topic, the more you establish your authority in its field. This in turn can play a role in determining the success of your site rankings.

Our Copywriting Experts

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