How to Write an Interesting Social Media Post

social media post

Using social media to reach out to promote your business is effective; the challenge lies on how you write an interesting social media post to attract their attention.

Social media is undeniably a very influential tool to advertise your business, or services, or upcoming events. There may be no strict rules when people write social media posts into their timeline, but with business entities, it is different. It has to be engaging and interesting in the eyes of your target audience. It is nothing sort of “like my page” but something that create and starts a conversation – a friendly one.

Writing interesting social media post as a marketing tool, there are some rules to follow, and here are some:

1.      Determine your target audience – It may hard to start a conversation with people whom you do not know and have not met before. But as an entrepreneur who aims at making your product or brand known, need to determine who are will be conversing with. So who will be your target market audience? If you are promoting weight loss program, your target audience are those who are obese or overweight. Specifically, who is that cluster who will use your products or brand. The data you will extract depends on the social media you are using. If you are using Facebook, it has new page called Page Insights with a sub-section “People”. It provides you with the details such as gender, location, age, and the language of the viewers who have liked your page.

2.      Be concise and keep it short when you are writing your social media post. Your choice of words is essential in making your posts concise but loaded with relevant information about your products or services. Instead of using “is” and “are,” use active verbs such as jumped, talked, bought, and the like. Avoid redundant words. Remember that social media does not give you a personalised experience of facing your viewers, try to add some images. If you are into weight loss diet program, then put some pictures with an interesting caption. Or, you can put some funny phrases or inspiring messages with the pictures. Social media post should always ve appealing that makes visitors finish reading it and inspire them to make some call-to-action activity on your site.

3.      Post messages that are meaningful to your target audience. Writing social media post to promote your products or services will be interesting and engaging if they are based on experiences. Make your posts informative and educational yet in interesting tone that does not bore your readers.

Social media is recognised around the world as powerful tool to promote products, services, or events. Knowing the right messages and information using social media post will definitely reach your potential audience and convert these visits into revenues. Know your audience, create meaningful conversation and posts, and soon you will harvest what you sow.

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