3 Business Benefits of Design

Design is all around us. Everything we use, from the clothes we wear to the appliances we can’t live without, has passed through the mind of a designer. For each thing you own there was someone who decided how it should look, feel, and function. Design is inescapable. Whatever you’re buying or selling, whether it’s cars or car wraps, you’ll find it to be a necessary business activity.

1. A better market position
A company has an advantage if it has an interesting look to its product or place of business. Good design stands out. That matters, especially in a marketplace like the Internet where there’s so much competition. People have gotten used to closing tabs the moment they feel the slightest bit bored. You have to be memorable because the alternative is to be cheap and forgettable.

Unless you’re positioning yourself as a low-cost alternative, you need to invest in professional design. You want to make a great impression with prospective customers and good design adds value that’s visible at a glance. Customers will pay extra for a polished product because improved aesthetics generally come with increased functionality.

2. More brand loyalty
All other things equal, the brand with the most trust is the brand that survives. To build trust, it helps to show your commitment and drive. Graphic design can help you there. Well-made websites and print ads can solidify your image, add legitimacy, and even communicate your business philosophy. Things like layout and typography aren’t just design elements, they’re tools in shaping a company’s personality.
Standard logos and consistent imagery aren’t simply useful for marketing. They’re also valuable within a business. Using them in your interiors and stationery will help your employees see themselves as a group, one with a unique identity. This goes a long way toward forging bonds among themselves and with the company.

3. A stronger company identity
Your company’s image starts with a logo. The design needs to be functional and attractive. It takes years of training to make images like this, so unless you’re a designer yourself, you’ll need help. A professionally-made logo instantly raises your credibility. So does a professionally-made website. Human beings are visual creatures and good graphics can pack a lot of information.

It’s better to formalize your logo early, before your company gets too unwieldy. It’s easier to stay fresh in people’s minds if you start out with a unified look. This is especially useful if you plan to launch many new products—you’ll avoid having to start from scratch with each one. It saves time and effort when they’re all obviously part of the same lineup.

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