local search Local Search: Is Your Business Visible?


Local search marketing is an effective way of promoting your business in the local search engine results and in Australian directories. See how it can benefit your business and company.


Survey shows that there are more than 70% of consumers who prefer to go to stores within 8 to 10 kilometers from their houses. With the emergence of online business directories, consumers can access to maps in looking for what they want and need. On the other hand, businesses and companies find these local online directories effective way to getting good exposure.

So, what is local search?

Simply put, local search refers to searches that help in finding something that the browsers desired at a particular location. As a sample, a browser may print, “personal injury lawyer sydney.” It also seeks to locate information through online to engage in some transactions offline like, “atm sydney tech center.” Hence,  information that is customarily printed in yellow pages and can be found through the internet becomes local search.

If you are an entrepreneur and you have your business on the local search directories, it will strengthen your goals to reach to a wider audience. Businesses that provide services like dry cleaners, manicurists, barbers, and the like will attract more clients through these local search marketing. For individuals who intend to use these services will likely look for them within their location.

For businesses engaged in ski resorts, car rental services, convention centers, cruise lines – their potential clients may not be their local residents but wanted to avail of their services.

There are also clients that have customers locally and outside the location such as those clients who are looking for consultants, mortgage agencies, financial advisors, and household movers.

Anything goes through local searches and queries. Anybody who tries to engage and transact offline can benefit from this local search.

How does major search engines view local search?

Major search engines like Google try to return relevant results for each query that browsers make. It tries to translate local wants and needs and provide them desired results in their local search. If a browser queries “atm” with a city or near location, it means that he or she wants to transact or get money from it any time and should be a location near to the browser.

When such local intent is known, search engines like Google generate local search results in many ways. If Google is sure of a single result, it is shown in the upper box of the natural results.

As a summary, local search can be the following:

  • The search aims at looking for something in a particular place or location like, “seo services Sydney.”
  • The search aims at finding information or data with the purpose of performing a transaction offline, such as “atm center Sydney.”
  • The search that you ordinarily find from printed yellow pages turns into a local search done online. An example is “laundry shop hotterman st nsw.”


Take note also that there are some searches for local businesses are not performed through search engines. There are several users who use internet yellow pages for local information about a business or company. There are buyers or web browsers who have learned utilizing directories such as Insider Pages and Craiglist.

Local search, therefore, helps potential clients and customers find information about your businesses or companies. In return, it also helps the users or browsers find information or data regarding something that they want, both online or offline.

The challenge for business owners like is how to place your website at the first page and at the top of the search engines.

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