How to Market Your Business With Facebook

Facebook is the reigning champ of social media sites. Any online marketing strategy must take it into consideration—it can be a great business tool. It can help businesses promote their content, create third-party apps, and otherwise connect with customers. But first, you need to understand Facebook’s unique opportunities and how they differ from that of traditional media.

1.Build it
Your business page is a great place to show your human side and develop your brand identity. It can represent the company, or a specific brand or product that you offer. Once you’ve finished customizing the page it’s time to promote it. Put the URL on your website, email signature, and so on. Invite all your Facebook friends to “like” your new page. If you don’t have a lot of Facebook friends, reach out to the people who follow your blog and subscribe to your newsletter. Try to get as many people as you can—a user will be more likely to pay attention to your page if it has a lot of likes, especially if those likes come from people he knows.

2.Promote posts
Increasing your “likes” can be very beneficial. Once a user likes your page they become followers and your posts will appear on their newsfeed. However, that doesn’t mean that the user is guaranteed to see everything you post in the future. That assumes they spend every waking moment on their newsfeed, and that just isn’t so. The solution is to promote your posts. That is, pay to ensure that they’re seen by followers and their friends. It’s not free, but does keep your content from being all too easily overlooked. It also comes with the added chance of making new converts.

3.Host contests
Just as you shouldn’t run a radio ad on TV, you shouldn’t advertise on Facebook the way you would advertise in a magazine. Hard-sell tactics (like posting the same thing repeatedly or posting product lists without any context) will only get you unfollowed. Consider contests instead, which capitalize on the interactivity in social media and can be about virtually anything, as long as it has some relation to your brand. Note that contests can’t actually be hosted on Facebook, so you’ll need to direct users to a third-party app.

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